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Bi-color Persians - White Female Breeders






Catwells' Blue Eye Dream

Catwells' Gabriel Come Blo Ur Horn x Ch. Catwells My Eyes Are Me aka MiMi

This is my dream come true. So precious.








Introducing our newest Catwells' baby. Catwells' Treasure and what a Treasure she is.

Catwells' Gabriel Come Blo Ur Horn x Catwells' Summer Dream, pictured at 2 years old born 5/24/14


CH. Jovan Dani Angel Of Catwells'

Pictured at 6 months
GC Candirand's Somebody Slap Me of Jovan

 GC Byhishands Simply Paris Of Jovan



Catwells' Electra Of Carismatic

Pictured at 7 months Blue Patch Tabby and White

Electra is now living with Carismatic Persians. I will miss her so  much. I know Jocelyn will love her though. Electra is one special little girl.
Catwells' Justin Time x CH Jovan Dani Angel of Catwells'





Catwells' Summer Dream And what a dream she is. Love her so.

Pictured at 10 months Blue Patch Tabby & White

Catwells' Justin Time x Ch Jovan Dani Angel of Catwells'



CH Ne'ege of Catwells'

 Steeplechase Simon Sez  x  Steeplechase Marvelous Madison

Now Retired



Catwells' Jillian 

Blue Tabby and White  -  Pictured at  7 months

Catwells' Gabriel Come Blo Ur Horn x Ch. Jovan Dani Angel of Catwells'

Living in N.Y.




Ch. Catwells' My Eyes Are Me

Pictured at 1 1/2

Catwells' Gabriel Come Blo Ur Horn x Ch. Steeplechase Ne'ege Now Retired


GC  Catwells'  Luv Bug Of Carismatic Persians

Pictured at 8 months

Luv Bug is sister to Sweet Annabelle of Carismatic .  She is owned by Jocelyn Smithers.

Thank you Jocelyn for loving this special girl.







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