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Bi-color Persians - White Female Breeders


Catwells' will be adding a new Kitten in June. It is a surpruse!




Catwells' Blue Eye Dream

Catwells' Gabriel Come Blo Ur Horn x Ch. Catwells My Eyes Are Me aka MiMi

This is my dream come true. So precious.








Introducing our newest Catwells' baby. Catwells' Treasure and what a Treasure she is.

Catwells' Gabriel Come Blo Ur Horn x Catwells' Summer Dream, pictured at 2 years old born 5/24/14


CH. Jovan Dani Angel Of Catwells'

Pictured at 6 months
GC Candirand's Somebody Slap Me of Jovan

 GC Byhishands Simply Paris Of Jovan

Dani Angel is retired, enjoying being cuddled all the time at Catwells'



Catwells' Electra Of Carismatic

Pictured at 7 months Blue Patch Tabby and White

Electra is now living with Carismatic Persians. I will miss her so  much. I know Jocelyn will love her though. Electra is one special little girl.
Catwells' Justin Time x CH Jovan Dani Angel of Catwells'





Catwells' Summer Dream And what a dream she is. Love her so.

Pictured at 10 months Blue Patch Tabby & White

Catwells' Justin Time x Ch Jovan Dani Angel of Catwells'



CH Ne'ege of Catwells'

 Steeplechase Simon Sez  x  Steeplechase Marvelous Madison

Now Retired



Catwells' Jillian 

Blue Tabby and White  -  Pictured at  7 months

Catwells' Gabriel Come Blo Ur Horn x Ch. Jovan Dani Angel of Catwells'





Ch. Catwells' My Eyes Are Me

Pictured at 1 1/2

Catwells' Gabriel Come Blo Ur Horn x Ch. Steeplechase Ne'ege, Now Retired


GC  Catwells'  Luv Bug Of Carismatic Persians

Pictured at 8 months








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